The Den - Window Repair

This, I hope, is our last housing repair project this year: rebuild of the den window system: 2 casement windows and 1 fixed with the glass transom above. There is rot in the lower corners and the seals are broken. Scott's windows is doing the work.

First Kathee is staining and varnishing (polyurethane) the staves and the bottom sections. Above is her setup in thae garage. Staining is done ... halfway through the varnishing.... Update: Scott came on 9/28 and rebuilt and installed 3 sections.
Comment: Our house is 22 years old. We  have replaced or repaired almost every window.  The ones we have not: Dining room (there is an overhang that protects this window); Nathan's bedroom (he's been out for 16 years but we still call it his room -  the deck overhangs and protects this window);  and finally there is a small window in  the laundry room  that has some protection from the weather.

Otherwise - every other window has either been replaced or repaired. We were fortunate to have a hail storm about 12 years ago that damaged windows on  two sides and insurance paid for their replacement.

Kathee, by the way, did a super job with this project!


  1. How'd you figure out that the windows needed to be replaced? My home is 19 years old, hence I'm wondering.

  2. The windows replaced after hail storm had broken seals. Insurance investigator detected

    Our other windows - the rot was visible when we opened to inspect. In two cases the bottom of the sash fell off


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