The Panic of the Lost Wallet

I was at a Wells Fargo sponsored event at the Earl Brown Center all day today. 

Shorty after 11 as I was moving from the main central event to breakout sessions, I noticed my wallet was missing.

There were more than 700 Wells Fargo employees in attendance, plus a myriad of vendors, conference center employees, et cetera. 

Kathee was with me. I told her perhaps it had fallen out of my pocket in the men's room. I went that way and she backtracked through the main hall retracing our steps.

We regrouped and neither of us had found it. As we walked towards the welcome booth, I whispered to Kathee to pray we would find it. 

Sure enough some kind and honest soul had found it and turned it in.

As we left at the end of the day, I stopped by the welcome booth again to thank them. I asked the woman there if she knew who had found it. She said that a taxi driver had dropped someone off at the event, went to the men's room and found it there. 

Nice! Thank you Lord!

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