Retirement: How to invest wisely to live comfortably

Retirement: How to invest wisely to live comfortably

People think, "I've accumulated this much," and their inclination is to put it in stable investments — cash or bonds, but they run the risk of eroding their purchasing power. Their essential expenses will increase in retirement — taxes will go up on their property, health care will go up, the cost of food will go up — so they need an equity portfolio that is growing so it maintains or increases their purchasing power in the future. ...

Fidelity offers this rule of thumb: Save at least eight times your final salary to help increase the odds that you won't outlive your savings during 30 years in retirement. This amount assumes that you'll get some money from Social Security and that your expenses after you retire will be lower than when you were working. Higher net-worth folks usually need to save more than eight times their final salary.
Comment: Message is start investing early and stay in equities


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