The Topography of Tears

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  • The first link above is to a study of 100 different tears under a microscope
  • It's interesting because the images tears of different types of stimuli vary
  • Tuesday we drove out to Litchfield MN to great Roger's 849th unit back from Afghanistan. 
  • The unit organized in a rectangle in the center of the Litchfield civic center (a hockey rink really). 
  • Families were in the perimeter 
  • Upon dismissal family members scrambled towards the dispersing rectangle of men. 
  • I witnessed many family reunions. The first struck me ... a soldier red faced and in tears embracing his spouse (this was not my son and his wife ... it took some time to find them)
  • I've seen many tears ... funeral tears at the funeral of a child (At an actual funeral that I conducted, I myself cried from the lecturn during the funeral of a teenager). 
  • I remember my own tears at my Dad's funeral. I stayed back and watched as the mortuary personnel closed the casket. They took off Dad's glasses and folded them. Tears came to my eyes.
  • This post isn't very  elegant - I doubt many of mine are! But check out the microscopic in the above link.

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