Taiwan’s Animation Aces Storyboard the Super Bowl

Taiwan’s Animation Aces Storyboard the Super Bowl


After a brief debate over using a Transformer motif, the team decides on a steamroller, driven by Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. He crushes players representing different teams. The seemingly unstoppable 16-0 Patriot juggernaut is finally stopped when it’s blown to bits by Eli Manning, another Giants player, and the Statue of Liberty, whose torch becomes a flame thrower. That settled, the writers quickly turn out the rest of the scenes, tossing ideas back and forth in a newsroom setting and writing over each other on a shared Google document. Attaching to the idea that fate brought the two teams together again, and that the underdog Giants won again, the writers bring God into the picture. He pushes aside the once-favored Denver Broncos’ quarterback Tim Tebow, himself a star in a viral animation earlier this season, to elevate Manning and Brady.
Comment: You may need to read the article and then watch the animation several times!

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