IRS: Tax Refund Delays

IRS still experiencing delays in sending tax refunds

Tax preparers said Thursday that the Internal Revenue Service is continuing to have delays in sending federal tax refunds this year, with hundreds of South Floridians complaining they still haven't gotten their check.

"Our phone is ringing off the hook with people saying they should have their refund by now," said Mark Daly, franchise owner of several Jackson-Hewitt Tax Service outlets in South Florida.

"There's no rhyme or reason why some returns are being quickly processed and others not," Daly added. "We've had hundreds and hundreds of complaints."

"The IRS is experiencing delays this year in sending refunds," said H&R spokesman Gene King in a statement sent Thursday to the Sun Sentinel. "Based on current IRS guidance, most refunds are now issued from the IRS in 10 to 21 days."
Comment: IRS website still reports that my refund will be deposited on 2/21 ....


  1. IRS Problems Could Mean Delays Getting Your Tax Refund

    But this year, more people may be wondering where their tax refund is, as the Internal Revenue Service says that newly-installed filters to prevent tax fraud and identity theft have held up processing for a week or more, and an online “Where’s my Refund” tracking tool has not been working.
    The delay is not good news for young adults starting out on their own, like Abigail McCaulley.
    “It’s a big deal because a lot of us go pay check to pay check.That money is a big part of what you make during the year, so you have to have it,” said McCaulley.
    But many of those people who have already filed their income taxes by the end of the first week of February haven’t received their refunds yet – even though they should have gotten them by now. According to the IRS, the processing delays could mean up to an extra two weeks before taxpayers see their refunds.

  2. I don't think this is correct information. I helped my daughter file her return on Sunday and it was accepted on Monday 3-26. She is getting her direct deposit confirmed by the IRS website on Monday the 2nd. That's five business days. I filed March 10th and still no refund. The website date is is not accurate or even close which is misleading and frustrating to people and the processing delays are ridiculous when people know they had no reason for it. Really makes IRS look bad and unethical. It's really too bad.


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