Update on my case

I called the Plymouth MN City Attorney: Campbell Knutson Professional Association and talked with Nanette who is the Prosecution Legal Assistant for Plymouth cases. This is what I found out:
  • She has not received the paper work from the Plymouth police but she was able to verify that I was arrested.
  • I was arrested under the Gross misdemeanor cited earlier
  • The paperwork flow may take 2 months or more.
  • Ultimately I should receive a summons to appear in court. The summons may arrive as late as March or even later.
  • There are three levels of Misdemeanor: Gross Misdemeanor, Misdemeanor, and Petty Misdemeanor
  • Based on my driving record*, this should get pled down to Misdemeanor with a fine.
* Well this is good ... I don't think I've had a traffic ticket in over 15 years. I may have had 3 traffic tickets in my entire life of driving (46 years). Image source: Judge Roy Bean

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