Is Manning's future tied to Polian's?

Colts QB Peyton Manning 'surprised and shocked' at Bill Polian being fired Excerpt:

The Manning-Polian partnership began April 18, 1998, when Polian, in his first season as general manager, used the first pick in the draft on an All-America quarterback out of Tennessee. At the time, Manning conceded he knew little of Indianapolis, the Colts and their league-worst 3-13 record, or the players he would be joining. His father, Archie, offered reassurance. "I just remember Dad telling me that Bill Polian will straighten Indianapolis around, that he was the top football guy out there," Manning said. "That excited me. "I'd be the first to tell you that had Bill not been here when I was coming out for the draft, I'm not sure how I would have felt about coming to Indianapolis. He was just an unbelievable draw to come play for the Indianapolis Colts. To me, he defines loyalty. I'll be forever indebted for what he did for me and my career." The news of Polian's departure hit Manning like a pass rusher from his blind side. He never saw it coming.
Comment: See also Now, everything changes for Peyton Manning, Colts:
Given Luck's availability, the Manning health questions and a looming $28 million option bonus, does Irsay keep Manning and try to work Luck into the lineup later on? Does he let Manning walk in free agency? Does he trade the first pick for a ransom and go into Win One For Peyton Mode? It's hard to cut ties to the most important athlete the city has ever known, but it's hard to pass up a quarterback who is generally viewed as one of the best prospects to come along in decades. I know what they should do, and have written it so often, Manning playfully mentioned my newfound role as "Luck's agent." (What's zero percent of mega-millions?) But I don't know what they're going to do on the Manning front. I'm not sure they know. They have 21/2 months to figure it out.
My conclusion: the Peyton Manning era is done.

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