Lenovo T410 Fan Error

Matthew Peet - Fan Error

  • My work laptop that is about 15 months old
  • I was to work from home yesterday and the laptop would not boot. I ended up taking the day off (I have a cold anyway and that's why I was working from home
  • Much on the Internet on this (Google "Lenovo T410 Fan Error")
  • Interesting that a guy named "Peet" had the same problem! Image above is from his website!
  • Fix was easy for our tech support. They picked up my laptop at 8:15 and had it back to me in about an hour


  1. I'm thinking that next time I buy laptop, I'll buy a 3 year warrenty

  2. I agree that the 3-year warranties are definitely worth it for laptops. Desktops are easy to work on and replace parts if something goes...laptops, not so much.

  3. This is a systemic problem with those laptops. Most of the time you can fix it easily by blowing some air in the vent. It is caused by poor design...bad airflow to keep dust out.

  4. Same issue with mine this morning....blew air into both sets of vents - powered right up - thx

  5. Experienced the error twice this AM. I whammed the PC sideways twice and it resolved.

  6. Watched a tech replace the fan this AM. Took him about 30 min.

    Existing fan was full of dust. He advised blowing air through side vent to clear out.

  7. here are the instructions

    Observation: many small parts and screws / small connectors. Takes nimble hands and fingers

  8. Yup, not really worth taking fully apart. Easier to use compressed air through the vent every few months.


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