Commendation - Mark at Rainbow

I had a absolutely great experience at the Rainbow Foods in Plymouth this afternoon and I thought I would briefly blog about it to spread the word.

We are absolutely out of milk and out of OJ.

And we are having a guest for breakfast in the morning. I am working from home and Kathee is downtown. I didn't want to bother her to have to pick up items on the way home so at 4:00 today I set out to pick up these items. Because I walk with crutches, items like this are impossible to carry. I can carry a Coke can in my pocket or other small items; but a gallon of milk and a carton of juice are sadly beyond my ability.

 I wasn't ever sure when I left the best place to go for these items. Because traffic was already getting gnarly I decided for the shortest drive and pulled into Rainbow. I went in the store and found the first person who looked like an employee and asked for help. That help was Mark the manager. He picked up the milk and juice for me, shepherded me through the checkout (really I never go grocery shopping .... even swiping the card was different than what I was familiar with!), bagged my items and carried them out to the car. It is about 15 degrees out which is not comfortable but this gentleman reached out and helped me.

 I called the Rainbow customer support line just a couple of minutes ago to register my pleasure at excellent customer service but I am doubling up by recognizing him here too!

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