Will Dayton blink?

Short take: An early bet on GOP in budget in stalemate


Friday was Day 1 Without A Salary for more than 23,000 workers in Minnesota. And while their adrenaline is running high, financial hardship is a reality, especially in one-paycheck households.

Their hardship will make the kind-hearted Dayton hard-pressed to hold out for an extended period of time in the budget face-off.

In contrast, key Republican constituencies will face some hardships and inconveniences — businesses needing various licenses or permits, for example. But the pain won’t be felt on the same scale.

Dayton’s leverage in budget negotiations now depends on how long he’s willing to keep core constituencies out of work.

The soft shutdown gave Republicans an advantage and may allow them to walk away with a spending cuts-heavy budget and a reason to say “We prevailed” in 2012.

Comment: How the State shutdown impacts us - Nada!

  • We don't use the HOV lanes
  • We won't need to turn in a lotto ticket
  • We aren't in need of any licenses
  • I can only think of a handful of times in 16 years I've stopped at an Interstate rest stop
  • I don't care if the race track or the zoo is closed
Dayton needs to cave ... he does not have the bargaining chip. He only won the gubernatorial election by 9,000 votes!

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  1. This will really hurt!

    No End in Sight as Minnesotans Grapple With State Shutdown

    ...the state Department of Corrections said it was ending family and volunteers’ visits and yoga classes for prisoners and — if the shutdown lasts long enough for service to lapse — prisoners will see no more cable television.


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