A minor example of Federal Government largesse (waste)

Three outstate airports to lose Delta service


For the cities losing Delta service, there's a small chance they could lose all commercial air service, Hedrick said, if no one bids on them and U.S. legislators cut subsidies that help airlines serve less viable markets.

On Friday, House Transportation Chairman John Mica, R-Fla., added a provision to a must-pass bill to keep the Federal Aviation Administration in business that includes eliminating subsidized air service to 13 small cities and caps subsidies at $1,000 per passenger.


Thief River Falls isn't so lucky. The northwestern airport about five hours north of the Twin Cities has planes departing on average with only 12 percent of seats filled. Last year the airport served about 2,500 people,

Comment: Note the phrase .... a proposal to "cap[] subsidies at $1,000 per passengers". That means the current subsidy is North of that! Let them take buses! Image above

Meanwhile another view of the debt crisis with the view of turning it into a de facto Balanced Budget Amendment.

Instant Balanced Budget Amendment: Maintain the Present Borrowing Limit


There is a very simple way to balance the budget without passing a Balanced Budget Amendment: refuse to raise the federal borrowing limit. Treasury would be forced to do what any business or family would do: live within its means and stop mortgaging the American dream to the Chinese. Instant Balanced Budget Amendment.

Comment: About the above. Not sure if it would work but indeed that is what everyday Americans do ... prioritize spending. And cutting the subsidy for small airports is a good way to start!

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