Pogoplug for Business


  • I previously mentioned Pogoplug

  • New (and nicer looking) models have been released
  • This past weekend I upgraded to Pogoplug Biz - see product comparison. Which supports

    • Multiple users
    • Multiple platforms (Linux, Windows, and Mac) (as does the regular Pogoplug
    • Access from any computer ... even an IPod, IPad, or IPhone
    • RSS feeds off a file share (I used it for a photo feed. Upload a photo and a reader picks up the feed)
    • Upload via email (see the 2nd photo above)

Also there are now 4 USB ports! One can be used for remote printing (we have not tried this as we have wireless printing on our LAN at home).

Hooked up to our Pogoplug ... a .5 terabyte drive for our MP3s, Photos, Word, Excel and other documents.

Popoplug would be a good option for a church, business, or home. I highly recommend it!

The official site is here. Check out the product demo video. Setup is incredibly easy!

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