The “double Windsor chairs without a division.”

Couched in History


Craftsmen on both sides of the English Channel tried out many prototypes before inventing sofas that resemble the models we use today.

  • AKA, the sofa, the couch, the lounge, the canapé, the davenport, the divan, the settee, or the chesterfield. (see also futon!)
  • Growing up, we called them davenports!
  • When I had my first job and moved to Tampa, I bought an entire living room set used - a couch, a recliner, 2 end tables, and a coffee table. All of the 'early American' style. It was upholstered in a red floral print. Kathee absolutely hated it. When we got married I sold it (hard to believe it had a third life!)
  • As newlyweds, our first couch was from Kathee's parents (used but serviceable)
  • We still have the first couch that we bought new. Now 35 years old. It is an Ethan Allen convertible sofa bed. We had it reupholstered about 18 years ago. Still looks nice!
  • Because of my handicap, I have a very hard time standing up from a seated position on a couch. I need at least one armrest and two are better to stand up from sitting.
  • The last time I sat on a couch was when Kathee had some sort of ladies' meeting at the house. I was banished to the basement (we call it the "lower level"). I sat on our green leather couch. A cat was beside me. I browsed the internet until the meeting was over.

Be sure to click through to the article for the photos! It took another 250 years of technological advances before the La-z-boy was invented!

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