On amber-colored water

There's a big conference of beer producers. At the end of the day, the presidents of all beer companies decide to have a drink in a bar.

The president of 'Budweiser' orders a Bud, the president of 'Miller' orders a Miller Lite, Adolph Coors orders a Coors, and the list goes on. Then the waitress asks Arthur Guinness what he wants to drink, and much to everybody's amazement, Mr. Guinness orders a Coke!

"Why don't you order a Guinness?" his colleagues ask.

"Naah. If you guys won't drink beer, then neither will I."

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  1. That's the truth.....American "beer" is generally made with mostly corn syrup (not barley malt and hops), and is optimized to get drinkers to drink as much as possible.

    Along the same lines, if someone wants to help Americans drink responsibly at a gathering, but still wants to have something available, that person can purchase only well hopped microbrews and imports. Most American drinkers simply won't touch 'em.

    (yes, I know this from experience....my introduction to liquid bread was in Germany)

  2. My cousin is the brewmaster at Titletown Brewing Company in Green Bay. We just saw him this weekend and went out for dinner on Saturday - it was quite interesting to watch him take a drink of beer and sit and evaluate it much the way a wine enthusiast would.

    In short, I know he'd completely agree with the premise of this joke.

  3. Jim; very cool. It is a special company that, owned and run by Protestants, could have prospered in Ireland all these years!


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