While Android is a success ... Nexus One was a flop

Google Hangs Up on Its Nexus One


Google says it has received its last shipment of Nexus One phones, which are touchscreen devices that carry Google's brand and are powered by Google's Android operating system. In May, Google said it would shutter its Web store selling the handset once supplies were exhausted.

The Nexus One's demise stands in contrast with other phones running Google's Android software. Demand for Motorola Inc.'s new Droid X has outstripped inventory in Verizon Wireless stores. The phone, which went on sale last week, is backordered to July 27.

Nexus One, released in January, was seen as a bold experiment by Google to sell phones directly to consumers over the Web—with or without a cellphone contract. It failed amid what some industry executives said were poor sales, as well as complaints about customer service.

Comment: I sense that consumers want the customer service that Verizon or T-Mobile provides.

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