Backyard farming

A Michigan Teen Farms Her Backyard


Lawn mowing and baby-sitting are standard summer jobs for the enterprising teenager. Alexandra Reau, who is 14, combines a little bit of each: last year, she asked her dad to dig up a half acre of their lawn in rural Petersburg, Mich., so she could farm. Now in its second season, her Garden to Go C.S.A. (community-supported agriculture) grows for 14 members, who pay $100 to $175 for two months of just-picked vegetables and herbs. While her peers are hanging out at Molly’s Mystic Freeze and working out the moves to that Miley Cyrus video, she’s flicking potato-beetle larvae off of leaves in her V-neck T-shirt and denim capris, a barrette keeping her hair out of her demurely made-up eyes.

Comment: This is for Bert Perry!

More: My dear Mother-in-law (died in 1989) had a huge garden in her backyard in Phlox Wisconsin. It was like heaven to visit her and the rural (very remote) Phlox!


  1. The kids got blue ribbons for their produce this year in 4H!

  2. I saw some of your family's pics on Facebook!


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