How PING.BAT works


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  • Command line options on the PING

    • -n Count, Determines the number of echo requests to send. The default is 4 requests. In the BAT file this is set to 2
    • -w Timeout, Enables you to adjust the time-out (in milliseconds). The default is 1,000 (a 1-second time-out). In the BAT file this is set to 750

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  • If the PING is successful, "TTL=" is found in the return string ... else
  • If the PING fails, "TTL=" is not found
  • If PING is successful, the device name plus "was PINGABLE" is written to the comma delimited file
  • Else, the device name plus "was NOT pingable" is written to the file
  • See below for the PING log file

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