The Great White Wedding and the wedding-industrial complex

Is Chelsea Clinton Setting a Bad Example?


I'm constantly amazed at how much some money people blow on the Great White Wedding.

But Chelsea Clinton's forthcoming extravaganza takes the cake. The $11,000 cake, reportedly.

So in honor of this weekend's crazy Gilded Age circus, here are seven financial messages for would-be brides, grooms—and their parents.

  1. The wedding-industrial complex marches on - "a recession-resistant industry"
  2. Spending a fortune on a wedding is a choice, not a necessity. [read article for interesting comment about Bush's daughter's wedding!]
  3. Spend what you can afford. - The average family ... spend[s] about $17,500 on a wedding.
  4. Look at the hourly costs.
  5. The lifetime cost is off the map.
  6. You might—possibly—be able to profit from others' extravagance.
  7. How do you cut costs and still have a great wedding?

Comment: Great article ... now a quote: "Three groups spend other people's money: children, thieves, politicians. All three need supervision.” Dick Armey

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