The man behind Black Lives Matter St. Paul is a slacker sucking on society

Meet the man behind Black Lives Matter St. Paul


He .. graduated from Hamline University in 2008 with a degree in criminal justice.

But he says as he started real-world police skills training and applied for the Brooklyn Park force, he had a change of heart. He said it wasn't the job he'd seen as an intern. "I was able to get that inside look at the police department," he said. "I was able to see a lot of good officers working, and that gave me a good image of what police, what policing should look like, but again, when I started the skills academy, I didn't see that same image. The focus being so much on using force and deadly force just sort of turned me off to being a police officer."

Instead, he got a jobs as a cultural liaison at the White Bear Lake school district and most recently a Scholars Program organizer with Century College. But his job was cut, and he's been on unemployment as he's worked to start the Black Lives Matter chapter in St. Paul.
Comment: Advice:

  • You've received a good education!
  • Use your time to find and hold a job!
  • Instead of disrupting the lawful activities of others!
I'm not opposed to the legitimately unemployed receiving benefits, but this man is a rabble-rouser who should be working! Per Google the unemployment rate in Saint Paul is 3.7%. He should be able to quickly find a job!


  1. Actually, he didn't get a good education. The core of the criminal justice major is about 30 credit hours, so if he took four or five years to get his degree, that's a tremendous amount of nonsense courses that are not going to get his resume and transcript to the top of the pile.

    Plus, he's got to go "out of major" for employers who aren't terribly concerned about his gun and disorderly conduct (down from domestic violence) convictions.

    All in all, he's got a chance at employers who have quotas, or he's got to learn to wear a blue vest with a yellow smiley face, or the like. I do not envy him, because he's not likely to get a job requiring a college degree in the private sector.

  2. Churches suck on society by not paying taxes.


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