Gub, Gum, Gun: American Paranoia

Panic strikes school after student says ‘gum’


Dear Lobo Parents, This morning we received a report from a student that there was allegedly a weapon on campus. After investigating the concern, it was determined that a student thought he heard the word “gun,” but in fact it was another student asking for some “gum.” The safety of our students is always foremost on our list of priorities, so we take these concerns seriously. We continue to encourage students to report anything they see or hear that causes them concern. Fortunately, in this case, it was a misunderstanding and there was no threat to our school or need to conduct a lockdown.

Take the Money and Run -- (Movie Clip) Gub


Allen (a bank robber), walks up to the teller and hands her a note that reads. "I have a gun. Give me all your cash." The teller, however, is puzzled, because he reads "I have a gub." "No, it's gun", Allen says. "Looks like 'gub' to me," the teller says, then asks another teller to help him read the note, then another, and finally everyone is arguing over what the note means.
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