Media: Stop giving killers the "limelight"

'The more people you kill, the more you're in the limelight'


The Oregon college gunman who murdered at least nine people has been named as _______________ - a 26-year-old who celebrated other mass murderers, attended a school for students with 'emotional issues' and said: 'The more people you kill, the more you're in the limelight'.

The killer, whose father is British and said he idolized the IRA and Nazis, on Thursday walked into Umpqua Community College in Roseburg wearing body armor and carrying three handguns and a rifle before shooting dead nine students and wounding nine more. Witnesses said he had made his victims stand-up and say if they were Christian before telling them: 'Good, you'll see God in a second' and shooting them in the head. If students answered anything other than Christian they were shot in the body. After his bloody rampage was reported to police he was then killed in a gunfight with officers with one source saying: 'He appears to be an angry young man who was very filled with hate'.

Oregon gunman left angry note glorifying mass killers


The 26-year-old gunman in the deadly shooting spree in southern Oregon is believed to have left behind a document that glorified mass killings and bitterly referred to his lonely existence with few human contacts outside the Internet, a law enforcement official said Friday.

'You will never hear me say his name,' sheriff says of Roseburg school shooter


The Douglas County sheriff says he will never utter the name of the man responsible for the deadly attack at Umpqua Community College and has called on news media to do the same. "Let me be very clear: I will not name the shooter." Sheriff John Hanlin said during a Thursday night briefing at a fire station near the Roseburg campus. "I will not give him credit for this horrific act of cowardice."

Comment: There's some common sense from Sheriff Hanlin - let's celebrate heroes and disregard  cowards ! Imagine ... with 10 bullets one can go from anonymity to celebrity. Nobody flunkies with a mental kink and hate have followed that path! In our age, one kills, and the President holds a news conference.

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