I've been working from home for three weeks. I thought I had a relapse with my Clostridium difficile infection that I had in 2011 (January 2011 until mid August). Something's not right. I went back to the infectious disease specialist at Methodist Hospital and after tests it is NOT Clostridium difficile. So I am sick ... but not really sick. Sick enough to work from home but not that dreaded Clostridium difficile.

I thank the Lord for my manager who is very understanding. Also for VPN and a nice laptop and high speed Internet. Also for a a good cell-phone with a bluetooth head set. Otherwise I would be not working.

The BRAT diet: Stands for Banana, Rice, Applesauce and Toast. All easy to digest. So I had 2 pieces of toast for breakfast. I demanded that Kathee put some butter on them and she did grudgingly. I had rice for lunch. We have a nice rice cooker and while bland it is filling. I also had a banana today and later will have the apple sauce. Hoping that the insides settle down and I am not confined to be close to "the throne"

Thoughts on the Presidential election: (not much of a segue!)
  • I thought the 2nd Presidential debate was a waste. These debates are about one-line zingers. There is little substance to them. The VP debate (other than showing that Biden is an idiot) was likewise a waste.
  • I am hopeful that Romney will win. I think it is going to come down to Florida, Virginia and Ohio. If Romney doesn't win these states I doubt he will win. He needs these three and more. Real Clear Politics has a good analysis today
  • In the back of my mind I have this thought that Obama doesn't want re-election. He likes to golf, he likes Hawaii, he can make a good speech that appeals to a certain audience. I think (whether in 2012 or '16) he will like being former-President Obama.

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