Guess the State

"_____________" Growth Threatened by Finances, Report Says


A culture of short-sightedness among the leaders of ___________ threatens the state's economic growth and its ability to provide the basic services its residents need, according to a new report on state fiscal problems by a high-profile task force. The report was issued Wednesday by the State Budget Crisis Task Force, which is led by Paul Volcker, a former Federal Reserve chairman, and Richard Ravitch, a one-time lieutenant governor of New York. It provides broad recommendations to address _________' fiscal problems, saying state government must overhaul its pension system, control Medicaid costs and reform its tax system to ensure sustainable revenue. The nation's ___________ populous state has one of the worst credit ratings in the country as it faces an estimated $83 billion pension gap and other budget holes. Elected officials have taken some steps in recent years toward change, but an overhaul of the pension system that would reduce the cost-of-living increase for retirees and shift some costs from the state to local communities collapsed earlier this year. "____________________' budget is not fiscally sustainable. Despite recent progress and difficult choices, it is still in a deep hole," Mr. Ravitch said in statement about the report.
Comment: Guess the state .... and guess what party dominates

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