Out of hospital


I slept in until past 8:00 am this last Saturday. My normal out of bed time can be as early as 6 or as late as 7 but 8 is unheard of. I relaxed in my ez chair while Kathee made breakfast. I sat down for breakfast  and told Kathee ... I don't feel well. I am very tired and I need help getting back to my recliner.

Kathee brought out an apple juice which I drank and then fell asleep. After noon I asked Kathee to help me back to bed. I could barely move and my legs were wobbly. I slept for several hours and my condition worsened. Kathee said that we needed to do something. I wanted to wait until Monday for a previously scheduled Drs' appointment. Ultimately Kathee called our son Roger and they muscled me into the car and took me to the emergency room.  At the juncture I could not even hold my head up or speak beyond a whisper.

Turns out that I was moderately dehydrated. I was given a liter of IV solution and was revived after that dripped into my vein. I was admitted to Methodist Hospital in Saint Louis Park

Return of Clostridium difficile:

Tests in the night reported a return of C-Diff. I had had diarrhea for three weeks but the previous test results were negative for C-Diff.


I've been administered liquid Vancomycin orally fur times a day since. Things improved enough that today I was discharged.

  • I'm going to take off the remainder of the week
  • I have some specialist appointments ahead
  • I have 3-4 more weeks of drugs
  • It is undetermined at this time whether I will return to work on Monday


  1. Praise God you're well off enough to leave the hospital! We got the note from your dear wife and were praying for you in this.

    On the light side, you look like you should be putting on a fur-fringed red coat and hat in a couple of months....

    ...I guess I just signed up for coal and nails, or a whip, in my stocking with that one! :^)

  2. Glad to hear you're doing ok. I wondered a bit when you hadn't updated things for a few days, and hoped it was nothing too serious. I pray that you can kick this latest bout of C-diff quickly!


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