Investing in the Grocery Stores

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Frankly there are only 2 I would invest in: WMT and TGT. Wal-Mart is the proverbial 800 lb gorilla that has mastered the distribution system. It's not an exciting store to visit but they beat everybody with prices. I was stung earlier by Super Value and bailed out taking a loss. Wal-Mart and Target are not pure grocery and are able to have loss-leaders in grocery and make up for it in higher margin departments.


  1. What about Roundy's? Their P/E of 7.92 indicates that someone is overlooking them--know any reasons why that might be?

  2. Roundy's could be good buy. You could get 100 shares for about $ 1000.

    I had a great experince at Rainbow foods (a Roundy's store) back in January (I think the last time I was in a grocery store!).

    link here

    Rainbow is Kathee's backup store ... when she needs something quick (it is close to our home). Lunds is K.'s # 1 store (Lunds is private)

  3. Nash Finch in Star Tribune today: Nash Finch shares sag after write-down

    Nash Finch Co.'s stock sunk almost 8 percent Thursday after the company posted an $85 million quarterly loss because of a large asset write-down and revealed new details of a recent retail grocery expansion.

    The stock's fall came on a day of investor wariness of the supermarket sector generally, as large grocery operator Safeway reported a dip in profits.

    Edina-based Nash Finch, which is primarily a grocery wholesaler, reported a net loss of $6.55 per share compared with a profit of 77 cents for the same quarter a year ago.

    My Brother used to work for NAFC in the IT department


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