Faking Disability



In the Age of Obama, Americans may be better off faking disability than trying to find a non-existent job. Obamanomics reached the bottom of the barrel last month, when more Americans went on disability than found jobs.

Given the immense amounts of money that are spent on medical and vocational rehabilitation, it is hard to believe that the number of Americans who are physically incapable of working has grown. The causes of the increase must be sought elsewhere. Note that the percentage of working-age Americans living on disability has more than doubled since the Reagan administration.
Comment: When I broke my neck 25 years ago, I was advised that I could qualify for disability payments. I chose not to. Some days (like today when I had to walk down 2 flights of stairs because the elevator in the skyway was out of service) I would like to be fully retired or fully on disability. On Saturday when I gave blood I asked the young phlebotomist about her father. She said that he was fifty and on disability for gout. I'm thinking for gout! Chart in the article linked is worthwhile.

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