Why your air conditioner may look like your neighbors'

I think we either have a Trane or a York. Our's is 10 or 11 years old.


  1. These air conditioning systems are installed with a single self contained, factory-assembled packaged unit (PU) or two split units: an indoor air handler, normally with duct work, and an outdoor condensing unit with refrigeration compressor(s) and condenser.

  2. Kathee checked and we have a Trane XR12 which according to this website has a SEER rating of 12

  3. During the hot months, your air conditioner works hard so you and your family can stay cool.
    ductless heat pump

  4. Swamp coolers and air conditioning units work to keep a room cold, but for different reasons. Air conditioning units are more effective, ac repair north salem in humidity, but swamp coolers are cheaper.


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