My Yahool password was breached

Yahoo Password Breach: 7 Lessons Learned

Recently, an attacker uploaded a subset of hashed passwords from LinkedIn to an online security forum, requesting help with cracking them. That was swiftly followed--apparently, by the same attacker--with similar requests for passwords purloined from dating website eHarmony and music-streaming website Last.fm.

This week, question-and-answer website Formspring said that 420,000 of its users' passwords had been compromised, leading the company to reset passwords for all 28 million users. Meanwhile, a hacker or hacking group known as D33Ds Company leaked about 450,000 email addresses and passwords associated with Yahoo Voices, formerly known as Yahoo Contributor Network. The motivation, according to D33Ds, was simple: it was sending "a wake-up call" to whoever was in charge of Yahoo Voices about the need to get serious about security.
Comment: Click image for larger. I use the Yahoo finance service. Also associated is an email account that I formerly used and is still active. I had three contacts in the contacts DB and SPAM was sent to at least one of them. Honestly I had a weak password (shame on me!). Yahoo notified me on their logon page (screen shot above). Note access from Japan!

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