Myth-Building in North Korea

Pyongyang Myth-Builders Step It Up


The Official Line
Some of the regime-driven mythology surrounding North Korea's leaders

About Kim Il Sung, founder of North Korea: He once made a hand grenade from a pine cone to blow up an American tank.

About his son and successor, Kim Jong Il: When he was born, the sky was filled with lightning and thunder, and a rainbow.

About the new leader, Kim Jong Eun: He is 'an excellent general who displays the extraordinary talent of hitting the center of the target no matter how many times he fires.'

Comment: One wonders when North Korea will be free!


  1. Might as well help them make it up. Kim Jong Eun led the Cubs to a World Series title four years running, and the Viqueens to three victorious Super Bowls. Plus, cleverly disguised as Michael Jordan.....

    You've got to wonder if anybody ever has fallen for this stuff.

  2. Well, it makes sense to me - the Cubs and Vikings would never be able to do it without him!


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