Thinking Wrongly About Money

Thinking Wrongly About Money


Debt: We live in a debt-based economy. A strange fact about this economy ...

Instant Gratification: We want things and we want them now. ...

We Are Materialists: We have an intrinsic drive toward materialism. Materialism is a way of looking at life through what is material ...

Asceticism: We could call it spiritualism or asceticism and it can have a bit of a grip on some Christians. Martin Luther said that humanity is like a drunk guy who gets onto a horse and falls off one side, then climbs back on and falls off the other side. In other words, we tend to go too far in one direction and if we don’t like that, too far in the other. Asceticism is the very opposite of materialism, but it’s still wrong.

Comments: A very good article. Follow the link above and read the whole thing. I don't see many who struggle with asceticism. I could add two more but I'm not really sure if they are categories that fit the author's fine article:

  • Entitlement mentality. Something is owed me by (fill in the blank: my parents, my church, the government)
  • A failure to plan for the future which results in a failure to save.

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