WebOS goes open source

Hewlett-Packard Gets Zilch for WebOS


Hewlett-Packard bought Palm last year in a $1.8 billion deal. And now, H-P is making the guts of Palm free for the world. Hooray for the world! Bad for H-P.

Comment: My daughter had a WebOS Palm phone. Strikes me that it outshines Apple's iOS. Because of this misstep and others (exit the PC business) (never mind) Hewlett-Packard Company (HPQ) is not on my investing radar.

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  1. Interesting article mentioning HP: 4 Tech Stocks Crushing Smaller Competitors, 1 To Avoid For Now

    HP is the one to avoid:

    New CEO Meg Whitman is hoping to significantly grow the company’s software sales, driven by the recent acquisition of Autonomy Corp. But the short-term result of that purchase was a credit ratings cut by Standard & Poor’s, making it more expensive for HP to issue short-term commercial paper and long-term bonds. The price has gone down 34% over the last year. So has it gotten low enough to be a good buy? No. There is too much uncertainty, including a revolving door for upper management.


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