"In sickness and in health ..."

Not sure if my readers have viewed my wedding text from my son's marriage ceremony on 1/1. I used a blog post from Dan Phillips for a basis to one of the three points: I give thee my troth. Since I haven't been a Pastor for 16 years, it's been that long since I've officiated at a marriage ceremony.

I used Christmas week at work (it was a very quiet week) to write the ceremony and compose the message. I had a lot of time to think about the vows taken.

We always start the year (or typically anyway) with carrying ahead 5 PTO (paid time off) days. And we typically use those days for a couple of long weekend get-a-ways.

I never expect to start the year sick. We took off Monday January 3rd to recover from the wedding weekend. So Tuesday the 4th was my first day of work this year. Well Tuesday I got sick at work - very sick - and Kathee brought me home at noon. I took Wednesday off. Thursday I felt sick but drove in early and picked up my laptop and brought it home to work remotely. Kathee told me (as only wives can do) to be sure to call the Dr. (she actually did this on Wednesday). I did not call the Dr Wednesday ... promised her Thursday. Did not call the Dr on Thursday and oh was Kathee angry at my stubbornness. I finally called the Dr on Friday and saw him at 11:00 a.m.

I have this basically philosophy that most things resolve themselves. Colds get better. Flues go away. Pains diminish. Etc.

Well what I had (or have), did not subside. I got worse and worse to the point I could not eat at all. My only meal on Friday was dinner and I lost that overnight. Saturday and Sunday I ate nothing and really did not feel like eating either. I only drank Gatorade

Today at 5:30 the Dr called to give me the lab results. I have something called Clostridium difficile. It's serious and yet it's not. I could destroy one's colon and for those with weakened immune systems could even kill! - but there's an antibiotic. Kathee's at Walgreens picking it up right now. In 7 days I should be ok. But for my readers, I do appreciate your prayers.

Marriage is not all "for the better". It is not always (and for some never!) "for richer". And for probably most marriages there are times of sickness.

I met Kate's Grandmother and Grandfather at the wedding. They've been married 64 years ... almost 65. The Grandmother said that they will soon be married 65 "if he makes it" (he is apparently not well.

Our house has been a house of sickness for 8 days. My dear wife, has faithfully cared for me and it's been a lot of care and cleanup.

I thank the Lord for my dear wife. I thank the Lord for marriage which is for the benefit of mankind!

Meanwhile, I just started the first of my Metronidazole pills. Today I ate today for the first time since Friday. I had three bowls of white rice. Now I am having a banana and a bowl of applesauce. They call this the BRAT diet. Tomorrow I hope to add the toast!


  1. I got married on 1/1 as well. It's a great day for it!

    Prayers for you as you recover.

  2. Dear Darrell, Thanks

    I enjoy your blog! And I've learned a thing or two from it!

    Darrell's blog: Stuff Fundies Like

  3. Wow - doesn't sound like much fun. Praying you recover quickly.


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