Washing machine emergency

We had an interesting day. Kathee took off as we were having Service Master by to clean carpets and tiles. At 7:45 she had the washing machine going and a hose split (inside of the unit ... wasn't until the service person examined the unit that we knew what happened) and flooded the laundry room. Kathee moved fast and turned the water off and mopped and mopped to pick up the flood. We had water running into the basement as well.

Our old Maytag is 12 years old. We had Home Service Plus come out but the service man recommended we buy a new machine because of the age of the existing one. I ordered a new Maytag from Warners' Stellian. To be delivered on Monday. I'm calling this an early birthday gift!

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  1. Prophetic?

    Have an emergency fund that is liquid (like a savings account). Emergencies happen. .... washing machines die when you don't expect it, etc


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