Violence: Why Conservatives are blamed first

The charlatans' response to the Tucson tragedy


A characteristic of many contemporary minds is susceptibility to the superstition that all behavior can be traced to some diagnosable frame of mind that is a product of promptings from the social environment. From which flows a political doctrine: Given clever social engineering, society and people can be perfected. This supposedly is the path to progress. It actually is the crux of progressivism. And it is why there is a reflex to blame conservatives first.

Comment: Worthwhile read from George Will.

Update on my health: Another day off work. Symptoms continue. Might be subsiding. I had a full meal tonight of: bowl of applesauce, 2 pieces of toast, a bowl of rice, a banana, and a glass of Gatorade. If there is improvement overnight and tomorrow, I would like to have pasta for dinner.

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