XP To Windows 7: "rip and replace"

Windows 7 Debut Launches An Upgrade Debate


Windows XP users represent the largest population of PC users. Unfortunately, the upgrade for this group isn't simple. The process of migrating from XP to Windows 7 is "ugly," says Steve Fox. "It's not an upgrade. It's basically XP To Windows 7." Here's why: You'd have to back up your hard drive, reformat it, install Windows 7 and then restore all of your personal files and your application software. The other option, says Jeff Fox of Consumer Reports, would be expensive because you'd have to upgrade to Vista first and then to Windows 7.

"One of the missteps with Windows 7 [is that] the upgrade process for those who skipped Vista — which is most of the world — is pretty tortuous," says Carl Howe of Yankee Group. "And I think that's going to put a damper on Windows 7 sales."

Comment: The upgrade from MAC OS Tiger to Leopard to Snow Leopard was EZ. Glad I am on a Mac


  1. Honestly, I have not seen many commercials for Windows 7 since we don't watch TV on the TV. But anyways, I hope they are marketing W7 as a new OS, not an upgrade. IMO, that was one marketing problem vista faced. Customers expected vista to be similar to XP, but it wasn't.

  2. As a long-time Systems Admin working mostly with Windows PCs, I wouldn't recommend the upgrade process anyhow. In my experience, people have so much useless applications on their computer it's good to get it cleaned up by formatting and doing a clean install anyhow. This is especially true of home users.

    But, that doesn't help the vast majority of home users who have no idea how to go through that process on their own.


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