"after a year of disagreements"

A Church Divided just Days Before the Church is left in Ashes


A church is left in ashes after a year of disagreements and a major disturbance during the pastor election on Wednesday night September 30.

Reverend Claiborne Gibbons was elected pastor of Edwards Community Missionary Baptist Church just over a year ago, which is when the disagreements began.

“Some of them tried to vote me out and they kept trying to vote again,” Reverend Gibbons said, “I don’t believe in fighting because it’s the Lord’s house so I had to get order in the church.”

During the pastor election Wednesday night, a man allegedly stood up behind the pulpit while Reverend Gibbons was preaching to the church and tried to start a disturbance.

A second man stood up, told him to calm down and said he was out of order.

At this point the dispute went from verbal to physical.

“One of the men grabbed him and said that he was out of order,” said Reverend Gibbons, “The other man said if you grab me again then I will shoot you.”

A woman in the congregation allegedly began having a seizure and paramedics were called to the scene along with law enforcement.

Reverend Gibbons said the man who allegedly made threats left the church before law enforcement arrived on the scene.

Three days later, the church burned to the ground.

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