50 days to save the earth!

Britain’s Brown Warns of Climate Catastrophe


British Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Monday that failure to strike a new global deal on reducing greenhouse emissions would be catastrophic, and urged other national leaders to personally attend a climate summit in Denmark later this year.

Amid fears that momentum for agreement at the December meeting is stalling, Brown urged countries to compromise with one another to avoid ''the catastrophe of unchecked climate change.''

The British leader plans to attend the Copenhagen summit, intended to cap two years of negotiations on a global climate change treaty, and has called on fellow leaders to join him. So far, few have said they will go.

Brown told a meeting of the world's biggest economies in London that efforts to agree on a new global pact to tackle climate change are a historic test of international cooperation.

''There are now fewer than 50 days to set the course of the next few decades,'' Brown said.

''We cannot afford to fail. If we fail now we will pay a heavy price ... If we falter, the Earth will itself bet at risk.''

Comment: Global warming hysteria!

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