Is the next Viking's stadium in .... LA?

Los Angeles, Are You Ready For Some NFL Football?


Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said he's going to sign an environmental exemption bill that will clear the way for construction of the LA Stadium.

State senators approved the bill, which would nullify a lawsuit over the project's environmental impact report by citizens in neighboring Walnut. Schwarzenegger is expected to sign the bill in support of the stadium because its impact on the local economy and its ability to generate jobs.

There will be more than 6,700 new jobs created because of the stadium, causing an addition $21 million in new tax revenue and $762 million in new economic activity, said LA Stadium spokesperson.

Schwarzenegger hopes developer Majestic Realty Co., the driving company behind the project, doesn't poach any California teams to play in the proposed venue. They have indicated their plan to approach seven teams in hopes of luring one to LA. The list includes the three California teams: San Diego Chargers, Oakland Raiders and the San Francisco 49ers.

Comment: My own view is that LA won't support an NFL team (not sufficient fan support)

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  1. I lived in LA two summers right after the Convicts (oops, Raiders) left, and during a particular bout of smart aleckness, joked with the wonderful people at the church I was attending that if they wanted to watch football, they'd need to put on a bulletproof vest and watch the high schoolers.

    Much to my surprise, they smiled and agreed wholeheartedly. I still don't get LA.


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