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White Gold ad campaign


If you've never heard of White Gold, that's probably because he doesn't really exist. But he does star in the new multiplatform advertising campaign from the California Milk Processor Board (the "Got Milk?" people). Think Tenacious D shilling for Big Dairy. It's an obvious bid to hit the ad-cynical teenage demographic where they're most vulnerable: the funny bone. And the campaign is genuinely hilarious. But will that be enough? U.S. consumption of milk slumped 14 percent between 1981 and 2006, according to the Department of Agriculture. In California, which is getting the brunt of the campaign, the price of whole milk has climbed 44 percent since 2003. A gallon of milk costs even more than a gallon of unleaded, with a nationwide average price of $3.87. Sen. Barack Obama reminded voters from the stump in Pennsylvania at the end of March that "you've never paid more for a dozen eggs, a gallon of milk."

Comment: Check out YouTube for White Gold videos. Below is sample:

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  1. I had quit drinking milk for a couple years except here and there. I have since changed and drink it just with cereal and about a glass a week. Partly cuz it is so expensive and the other, it actually helps me sleep better. Every person I have told to quit drinking milk for a few weeks, and they did it, told me that they slept better.


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