Nobody wants Vista

Microsoft’s Vista Problem


It only makes sense that with the economy weakening, corporate technology managers are pulling back from plans to upgrade to Vista from the previous version of Windows, Windows XP.

An IDC survey of 300 chief information officers, published earlier this year, found personal computers at the top of the list of hardware spending that companies would cut back on in an economic slowdown. In software, spending on operating systems — like Vista — and Microsoft’s Office suite of productivity programs would be the first to be put off, they said.

Vista, given the more powerful processing power it requires, represents both a hardware and a software upgrade.

No surprise, then, that there has been a rising chorus among corporate technology customers who want Microsoft to keep licensing Windows XP, with its less-demanding hardware requirements, beyond the phase-out date for most new licenses on June 30.

Comment: Our company is preparing our next XP release on XP SP3 (Service Pack 3)

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