Local Pastor admits to financial misdeeds

Pastor admits to financial misdeeds


  1. This story has a happy ending ... the church is going to tighten financial controls and the Pastor is going to pay the church back.
  2. Having previously served as a church treasurer and having (not at the same time!) been a Pastor, this story resonates for me.
  3. Lessons: Adequately compensate the Pastor and have financial checks & balances to protect the reputaton of the man of God!


The Rev. Al Gallmon Jr., an influential Minneapolis pastor and civic leader for more than a decade, admitted Monday that he used a church credit card to cover more than $18,500 in personal expenses and failed to promptly report more than $62,000 in overcompensation last year.

"I have sinned, and as a result have placed the reputation of my church and its work in the community in jeopardy," said Gallmon, senior pastor at Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church in north Minneapolis. "I've asked for forgiveness. I hope the changes we've made -- changes I've made -- will allow us to move forward, but that's up to the congregation and the community."

I hope this congregation can move forward and put this incident behind them!

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