Early polling gives GOP edge in '08

Poll: A Surprising G.O.P. Edge for '08


In our poll, Hillary Clinton loses to John McCain, 42-48%, and to Rudy Giuliani 41-50%. Even though Clinton maintains a 7% edge over Obama among Democratic respondents, Obama fares better in the general election match-ups. It's so close that it's a statistical dead-heat, but Obama still loses: 43-45% to McCain, 44-45% to Giuliani.

Comment: The American people seem to have a penchant against having one party rule in both the Congress and the Executive branch. It seems to many that political excesses often occur when either the Democrats or the Republicans control it all. In my informal discussions with friends and family, Hillary Clinton is regarded negatively and Barack Obama is regarded favorably.

I favor John McCain. His official campaign site is here.

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