Life and Work


  1. Kathee and I had the day off but she did work for a couple of hours this morning
  2. News at work: Instant Cash sold to First Data Corporation
  3. Victor Nichols (our Technology head) is leaving the company. He is so far above me that I doubt it means anything to me but still of interest.
  4. Kathee gets a new manager on Tuesday
  5. How the other half lives: Wells Fargo pays CEO Kovacevich $29.8 mln for 2006


  1. We met my Brother for coffee at Cabelas this morning
  2. Kathee and I had dinner at Subway in Plymouth tonight
  3. Rachel had her last day of work at West Thompson. She goes back to Mankato tomorrow
  4. Scripture reading tonight Deuteronomy 5-6. Deuteronomy 6:4-9 is part of the Jewish Shema.
  5. Kathee doing Sudoku tonight while I am blogging

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