Dried Fruit snacks

Last year I was in a bad habit of having dessert every night after dinner: ice cream, cookies, etc. Virtually every night I was having something.

This year I have been having dried fruit. Some comments:

While I had eaten a Fig Newton before ... I had never eaten a fig before 2007. As we were reading the New Testament, Kathee and I had a discussion about dates and figs. I said that I did not know the difference. We shopped for them at Lund's and bought a small carton of each. A fig is not a fruit of beauty but what it lacks in looks it makes up in taste! Read about figs. We buy them in the Lund's produce department. Eight Ways Figs Keep You Healthy

Read about dates

We buy also buy dates in Lund's produce department. Oh the taste! Plus they are chewy (and a little sticky)!

We also buy dried apricots at Lund's. I'm not sure which aisle Kathee gets these in but it is not in produce.

Kathee typically prepares a small plate of dried fruit to accompany our coffee. Tonight I had 1 fig, 2 dates, and 2 apricots. I understand that this is approximately 100 calories. And they are good, healthy, vitamin rich and satisfying calories.

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  1. Good ideas! My son has asked me on occasion what particular fruits are mentioned in the Bible. This is a good way of making the text more tangible to him (and us adults as well!).



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