Sundial wisdom


  1. Good reminder, JP. Some people try to be hip and cool and "forever 21," but it just doesn't work that way. Look at Jeremiah, the prophet. His name has suddenly changed from the staid and mature "Jeremiah" to "Jeremy" in Matthew 2:17. Sorry, "Jeremy" may be the cool name, but we all know that "Jeremiah" can't try to be a cooler, more hip guy by changing his name.

  2. It reminds me of Sally Fields. She's an attractive person, but even Hollywood stars are affected by age and can't stop time. I'm not sure if her recent change to "Field" from what it was before - "Fields" - is an attempt to reinvigorate her brand or what. But even she can't stop time.

    1. When I was a teen ... I had the hots for Sally Fields.

      50 years ago or more ["Gidget" days]


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