Hard to beat "Gas" engines

Leaf, Yaris, Cruze Compare

My dear Mother just gave up driving (she's almost 92) and sold her 2007 Toyoto Yaris.

What a deal the buyer got on her Yaris .... just 11,000 miles. We thought about buying it ourselves but it would have involved flying to Dallas and driving it back so we did not!

Her Yaris got me thinking about the Leaf. We've had a reservation in for a Leaf for several years. Well we got the call that we could buy one in Minneapolis. I declined and got a refund on my reservation fee.

Mom's Yaris was certainly nothing fancy but the Yaris is a well-built car that would be perfect for driving around town. I'm a big, tall, handicapped guy and I could get in and out of Mom's Yaris.

I used the Microsoft auto site (link above) to compare and contrast the Leaf, the Yaris and the Chevy Cruze.

As cool as electric will be someday ... it's hard to beat "gas".

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