Be a Pepper

I was in class yesterday afternoon - a very fun class: Windows 7 for administrators.

The class was about 6 blocks away and started at 1. I left my office and walked up that way with my laptop in my backpack. It was coolish outside (mid-50's) and I was just in a polo shirt.

When I arrived I was tired (my handicapped legs can only take so much). I moved into the building and I was then very warm and sweaty. I was 40 min early class so I sat down in a conference room to wait for the class to begin.

Outside the conference room was a soda machine that dispensed for only 75¢. I bought a Dr Pepper and just chilled. I was thinking about the old Dr Pepper 10-2-4 "Dr Pepper Time".

Bored a bit and with not much to do, I began to do different things with my phone. I texted to Chase and received my CC balance. Then to Wells Fargo and received our account balances. I rarely use my cell phone's camera but messing with it a bit I took a picture of the Dr Pepper can and emailed it to my son.

Today he asked me why I sent him a picture of a Dr Pepper can. I texted "Be a Pepper". He texted back "What does that even mean?" Well it's an old advertisement. See below

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