Trunks full of $$


My name is Mr. Tom Brown from Randle Delivery service in New York. I am contacting you on a very strict and confidential basis concerning some of your belongings in our company's possession.

I am the clearance officer for the above company and have stumbled on some valuable information that concerns you. During a routine inspection of unclear consignments in our warehouse I discovered two diplomatic trunk boxes that bears your name as the beneficiary. On further verification by scanning, I found that the consignments is filled with hard currency of $8.5m, in US dollars.
I strongly advice that you contact me immediately and reconfirm your information as stated below to me for further instructions on how you can claim your consignment

Comment: So that's what happened to my $$.

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  1. As if someone who found a trunk full of 8.5m would report it. I am pretty sure they would walk off with it and would never be heard of again.


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