Car drama

We are parking in the street this week as we had our driveway repaved and are not to drive on it for 7 days (or park on it for 14)

Today as we left church, Kathee noted a pool of fluid under the car. I wasn't convinced it was anything but when we got home there was a similarly sized pool where we had parked on the street.

After lunch we purposed to drop the car off at Lupient for repair on Tuesday. Kathee drove the Buick and I followed behind with my truck. About 3/4 the way there the Buick overheated so Kathee stopped and turned off the engine. We called a tow truck and waited.

A very nice gentleman was mowing his grass there. He brought out iced-water and we chatted for almost an hour.

Finally the tow truck arrived.

I think we are OK because I looked at the owener's manual and we have a 4 year / 50,000 m warranty. We are at 3 years and 37,000 miles.

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